Monday, January 29, 2007

Lazy monday........

I should have known.....I woke up this morning and ask the age old question......"Tiana, do you feel well enough to go to school?" I should have known that she was going to say no. Wouldn't you? She claimed that her throat was sore and that she still just did not feel all the way better. (those are her words) I felt her head and checked her temp. and she did have a bit of a fever, so I decieded that she better just rest all day, and rest we did. We both woke up around noon. We watched a couple of movies and then cleaned the house.

After cleaning the house we headed to my mothers house to pick up Tiana's backpack that she had forgotten there on friday. Not a very productive day, but at least I am well rested. Tomorro I plan on doing "stuff" haven't figured it out yet but it will be good.

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