Saturday, January 10, 2009



Found this picture of my dad fishing on pagan one of the norther most islands in the CNMI. thought I would post it.

I'm an idiot!

So I wake up early this morning with the intention of getting my day off to a glorious start! I arrive 45 minutes early to my sat. morning class, I'm feeling pretty good. I buy a new note book at the book store, along with some pens and a Rollins pencil. Get to class ten minutes early; no one's there.......... I wait. No one shows up, even past the time that class is to start. I wait..........? I go to the library to make sure I have the right information. I'M AN IDIOT. Yea I'm early! Two weeks early! Class should start next week, however in recognition of Martin Luther my first class does not start until Jan. 24. At least I'm trying to be more punctual!

Monday, January 05, 2009

My family!

Name for a GAY Club/Bar

Ok, here's the deal I'm trying to come up with a name for a gay bar, but am having some trouble. Will you help me?

Here are some of the names that I've hear so far:

The Male Box (laura)
The Hidden Cove (kiki)
The Swallows
The Closet
The man hole (thanks dana)
Sir-Loins (Sherri)
Licks (mine)
Lolli pops (Mine)
Fantasy (Catie)
Back door bar (Mine)
The Garage (Catie)
The Office (jimmy)

Help me out post what you think.