Wednesday, June 28, 2006

TODAY!!!! The Day Of My Birth!!!!! The Big 25!!!!!!

Today is my birthday! Probably the most uneventful birthday that I have had up until now. I was supposed to have dinner with a family member, but the dinner got cancelled. What's new. Had to work this morning at 6:30am and got finished at around 3:30pm. Uneventful. After that I spent the next three hours running around tieing up some loose ends. It's about 7pm and I am just sitting around not doing anything, and don't have anything planned. Well.......since this has been my worst birthday ever, they can only get better. Trying to be positive! Oh yea, on top of everything, I am getting SICK!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

80 HOURS A WEEK!!!!!! .........I'm tired.

Sorry for not putting up any posts latley. I am still trying to get used to working two jobs! It's not easy! My next day off is next thrusday, so I will try to put some new post on that day.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Ok.... her's the thing. I like it when people leave me comments! It lets me know that someone other than Angelo is reading my blog! (No offence Ange you know I love you!) So.........
If you visite my page and you see that I put something interestging, instead of just laughing, or saying some comment in your head, take two minutes and write something! I am interested in who is reading my blog. It inspires me to write more!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Otters, turtles, and crocagators.........OH MY!

We all woke up bright and early, excited that we would be spending the day out on the river. T got to school right on time, and then we had one stop, Publix, for sandwiches and snacks, and then off to Kings Landing, out by Apopka. Kings Landing is a dock where people go to lauch canoes from, if you have your own it is like 5 dollars to rent one from them is 30. The river that you lauch from, takes you on an eight mile run down the wekiva, it is one of my faviorite things to do in orlando. I have been going on this run since I was in middle school, when my mother would take me. I had some of my best childhood memories on those trips! (Thanx Mom!) To our horror, when we arrived it was closed! I was so pissed! However, we planned to have a day in the sun and thats what we were gonna do! So instead of going home mad, we went to the Wekiva Springs State Park, and rented a double cayak(sp?). I was so much fun! Here are some pics......

Me and Kristen before getting on the water
Baby Crocagator

just chillin

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one of three otters

Bird Hunter

some type of crane(?)

After about three hours we decieded to call it a day, and we headed back home. Kristen went to work, I picked up T and went to the the gym. After the gym T went swimming at the apartment, and I have been messing around with this thing for the last couple of hours.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The tooth fairy....

I picked Tiana up from her mothers house yesterday and couldn't help but notice that her front left tooth was hanging from a string. I have to say that it was a bit nasty! I picked her up at around 1 o'clock and I didn't have to work until 6, so we had some time to try and get it out before work. I didn't want her to accidentally swollow the tooth! She was really brave, she let me push it, pull it, yank on it, but nothing really worked.

We arrived at teche's house(baby sitter) just before six and told her to watch T and if she notices the tooth fall out to save it for me. Went to work............picked T up just before 10pm, no luck the tooth was stubbornly hanging on for dear life! Teche and Chuck tell me that it would be a good Idea to put some ambasol on her gums and then just yank the sucker out! I may look like a big tough guy, but on the inside I am a big baby when it comes to yanking teeth out of my 5 year old. I reluctently take accept some ambasol that Teche and Chuck give me for her tooth. One more stop until we can go home. Kristen(GF) is without a car until tuesday, so me and the T'ster have to go to her work place and pick her up. When we get there Kristen walks out with an apple; now why didn't I think of that? We start are 15minute drive home from picking Kristen up and 5minutes into it I hear a loud yell from the back seat......."I got it out!" "yaaaaaaa BaaaByy!", T is such a ham! We quickly call as many people as possible and tell them the great news, "T's black last tooth finally fell out!". (If you remember about a year ago T fell on her front teeth and they turned black) We got home and put her tooth in a safe place and went to bed................But there is more!

I woke up to "daddy, daddy, daddy, look........" Tiana was holding up a tooth... I try to shake off the morning and focus on what she is holding. "T I know you lost your tooth last night!"....... "No daddy, this is the bottom one!"

Tiana woke up this morning with her bottom tooth missing! That is so wierd! Two teeth in one day! To celebrate we played hooky from school and I took her out to breakfast at my new job. She had Chocolate Chip pancakes! It is about 7:30 pm and I am writing this sitting out on the pool deck watching T swim with a couple of the niegborhood kids...(Just took the pic of T in her swim suit) All in all I think we had a pretty fun day!

Kristen and I are going to Kings landing tomorro to do some caneoing, I'm gonna bring my camera and I'll write about my adventures tomorro night!

(Nothing to do with this post)

What do you think about the pic qaulity? I took them with my phone. Let me know!

Sorry........I've been really busy!

I know, I know, I know............ Sorry for not updating more often, but to tell you the truth I have been super busy latley and havn't had a chance! I am off the next two days and I will be writing alot tonight and tomorrow night I promise! So for the over cap.........

*Got another job.
*By day I sling hash and eggs, by night I sell USDA prime beef.

*Started going to the gym everyday.

It doesnt' sound like alot, but the new job adds another 35 hours a week to my schedule, on top of that I start work at 6:30am four days a week! Between the two jobs I go to the gym; I found that taking a nap makes me more tired. I promise to write more tonight when I get home from the gym.