Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I love my pool!

So I am sitting here watching Tiana play in the pool and waiting for my mother to come over with my little brother and sister, and this is my view. I can't compain, life is good! Not only that, there are five more just like this one to the right and two to the left. Have I mentioned that I love my new apartment compex. I guess there are so many girls that live in this place because of its proximity to UCF.

So like I said my family is coming over to night to hang out, I am gonna make fajitas, a zesty tex-mex dish with onions, chicken, and bell pepers. It is going to be delicous. I can't wait.

Friday, May 25, 2007

What a homo!

A picture says a thousand words!

Monday, May 21, 2007

My new place....

So this is where I live, in The Fountains of Waterford Lakes. People keep asking me how they look, so here is my apartment!

The one in the middle is mine, Second floor.
This is my kitchen, the rest of the apartment is not ready to be shown.
This is the pool next to my apartment.
I took the picture of my apartment from this playground. Tiana loves it!

We have a volleyball court!

BBQ pits

Our wieght room has TWO flat screen tv's!

And the main pool has a big rock you can jump off of! I dubbed the rock Taga Rock!

So there it is, my new place. I hoped you liked it, you are all invited to stay with me whenever you want, I have a guest room with its own bathroom, I'm very EXCITED! ( I've never had a guest room.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tiana got a hold of my camera.....

So I go to load some pictures into the computer this morning and what do I find? About twenty pictures of my daughter making faces in my car while she was waiting for me while I was in a store....... So here they are

The many Faces of Tiana Alexsandra Villagomez

I hope you enjoyed them!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How does Angelo do it?

How the hell does angelo work so damn much and find time to write on his blog just about every day? I have finally finished moving into my new apartment. I love it! I just got finished folding the last of my laundry and I was reading Angelos blog, which I havn't done in quite a while. I took me fourty five minutes to catch up! So, the only real reason why I am writing this post is out of pure guilt. I keep telling my self that I should keep up with it and I never do. I guess I don't think that my life is all that interesting. Anyway I just wanted to give both of my readers the heads up that I will be putting up some pictures, from the last month and ahalf that I have been neglecting to share with the world, up on my blog. They will consist of Annas vist to Orlando, Jorge Burgos's graduation from St. Leo's College, Andres Visit down to Orlando, and the big move into the new apartment! I bet the both of you can't wait!