Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Dentist!

Tiana and I had a blast from the past and stayed at my mothers house last night. Tiana has a dentist appointment this morning, so we thought it would be easier to stay in winter park since the doctors office is downtown. Tiana chipped a tooth rider her bike while she was with her mother, so as usual sandra bangs her up and I do all the doctor visits! Jimmy was happy that I spent the night we went to the movies last night and saw the movie "Zodiac". I thought that the movie was really good, just a little long. Jimmy fell asleep before the movie even started and then told my mother that he didn't like the movie when he woke up this morning. He spent $7.50 to sleep in the movie theater! So, it is seven thirty and we are headed out the door!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Magic game.

I went to the Magic Game with my step dad, little brother, and his little friend. We had great seats down next to the Magic bench, and could see all the Magic Players. We were so close we could smell the sweat on their jerseys. Here are some of the pictures. There are here kind of late, but here they are better late than never.

This One's for Uncle Bob!

From what I remember my Uncle B0b is a squirrel hater so these pics are for you!

This kill was accomplished with the help of my nine year old brothers sniper scope air riffle!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hats of the World!!!!!(Fun With Sean)

Yesterday I had some good old American fun! Beer,Family, and Disney World! The theme for my day was "Hats of the World!" You can probably guess why it was called this, but for those readers that are completely dense, let me explain. We walked around the park stopping at every country and finding the hat the the country was know for. Then, we would put on the hats and try to attract as much attention to ourselves so that a small crowed would gather around us, and then we would ask one of the on lookers to take our picture or some times be in the piture.(U.S.A.) It was lots of fun! My cousin, Red Sox Sean flew down with his wife, Laura, for a weeks vacation and to see the Red Sox play some spring training games. My other cousin, Saipan Joey works for Walt Disney and was off from work, so I thought that a long lost family reunion was in order. (Since their not related and they had never met.)
Joe was nice enough to get us all in at a very affordable rate into Disney's Epcot Center! (Thanks Joe!) Here are some of the pics from our glorious day!



You have to get in the phone booth in England

And you have to have fish and chips

Laura's country, Norway


So as you can see, we had a pretty good time. To all my Family readers, this to could be you, drinking around the world with your favorite family member "Me"!