Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday morning, in Florida.

Couldn't sleep last night. It's funny how when you are really tired after working a lot, you can't sleep. I worked 18 hours yesterday, and all day the one thing on my mind was "I can't wait to get home and get some sleep". When I got home around 1am I needed to wind down and relax, so I did, until about 4am. Then, I awoke bright and early at 7:30am! I think that it is because I work every other day at that time, funny how that works, the one day I want to sleep-in I can't because my body wants to work. I tried going back to bed, but that didn't work! So here I am typing away when I could be sleeping.

I talked to my cousin Mike Hope last night for a little while, he sounds like he is doing really well. I hope that I will be able to go and visit him either next month or in febuary. He made me feel really old when he told me that he will be turning 30 next month. Where does the time go? He said he'll be coming down to florida sometime in febuary or march when the plane tickets get cheaper.

I'm still taking the Zolfot, and I think all in all it is helping. However, I still get panic attacks once in awhile, but they don't last as long and they don't carry into the next day. Every time I had one I had had a drink, so I have decided to stop drinking completely until I have run thru my meds. The mind is such a crazy thing, I know that most of my symptoms are all in my head, but for some reason they keep coming back. I wish I had a new brain.

Work is good. I have been making good money for the past week. Tis the season. I wish that Christmas would last all year round! The one thing that I have realized after working so hard for the past couple months, is that I really need to go back to school so that I can get a job and make some real money. I feel like I have the potential to do great things, and it is being wasted on waiting tables. The recurring comment that I get from my guest "Here's my card, call me when you graduate, I could use someone like you". It is starting to get old. People seem to think that I am a great people person and that I can sell just about anything to anyone, but I need that damn degree for anyone to consider hiring me. New years resolution......GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

Tiana is doing great, she is in kindergarden and loving it! She is one of the cool kids at school. She misses her uncle Angelo a lot! So if your reading this you need to come and visit! She asks me at least once a week "when is Uncle Angelo coming home?" She looks more and more like me everyday, I can't get over it.

My love life is fine, no big news. Still with the same girl, no wedding bells in the near future. Girls are a pain in the ass. I'm considering becoming a porn star and just saying fuck it to relationships.

Gonna go and try to get some sleep, write more later.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I have been working a ridiculous amount of hours so that I have some extra cash for the holiday season! Tomorro is my last one, and I have so much to write about. So until then.......