Thursday, November 16, 2006

Magic WIN!

Kristen and I went to see the Orlando Magic stomp up on the Denver Nuggets tonight! WOOT-WOOT! I was originally gonna work tonight, but I got a call around 3 o'clock from an old freind (Sean Sullivan)telling me that he had an extra ticket for the game tonight. At first we wern't gonna go because he only had one ticket but since Kristen hasn't ever gone to an NBA game I thought that it would be fun to go and check it out. We arrived at the game about 15 minutes early planning on getting some scalped tickets. However, when we arrived at the game Sean had already got us two tickets...............but.............we wern't sitting next to eachother! I didn't think that it was a big deal because I thought that we could just sneak in and sit where ever we wanted to.........and we did..........until we kept having to get up because people kept showing up, and we were in their seats. This got really annoying! Kristen ended up getting pissed off because we couldn't sit next together and walked out of the game! She made it as far as the parking in the car......and started to drive off.........then she listened to me and parked.........and we went back to the game. I bought some scalped tickets from some guy for a low price, and they were floor seats! Kristen got over her little hissy-fit and we both got to enjoy the game. The seats were really good! I have never watched a game that close before. The court looks so much bigger when it is on T.V. With all the drama of Kristen throwing a "Wally" we only missed about half of one quarter. So we still got to watch pretty much the whole game.

The Magic ended up wining the game 108 to 99! Woot-Woot! So what started off as a rocky night, ended up being a really good one!

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