Monday, December 24, 2007

Thinking out loud.....

The day before Christmas...... I am sitting in my livingroom, Tiana is sitting on the couch watching some Christmas themed cartoon. It just dawned on me that I am gonna be single on Christmas, that hasn't happened since 1996. The word of the day is Co-dependent. I'll tell you what, I like it. Not being co-dependet, but being single! And here are a couple reasons why......

  1. No exasperating encounters with the in-laws. You can avoid uncomfortable questions, poorly made ham, and the inevitable whining toddler.
  2. You don't have buy that stupid know the one.....the one that is supposed to show her you love her. Because that $300 gift wasn't good enough.
  3. You can save A LOT OF MONEY since you only have to buy for your immediate family, and not hers as well.
  4. No stressing over what "Mrs. Woman-Who-Has-Everything" might want for Christmas.
  5. You can buy yourself what you want with your extra "spending money" and not have to worry about feigning a smile when you open up the Stupid GAP sweater you will never, ever wear.
  6. If you burn the cookies, no one will know... and you know you'd rather just eat the dough anyway.
  7. Holiday parties: You won't have to drag Scrooge along with you, so you can go and enjoy yourself solo, by impressing everyone with the armani suit you were able to afford (again... because you're single;)
  8. GUILT FREE FLIRTING: The mistletoe holds a lot of promise for you as does "Santa's lap." Go out and ENJOY it before you're caught in a relationship void of PDAs.

I leave the last two up to you let me know what you think. Tommorro is Christmas and I can't wait! It's gonna be filled with great food, friends, and fun. To all of those people who I care about and won't be around to celebrate with me MERRY CHRISTMAS!(I'll post some picture of the events some time later this week!)