Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have been tagged by Angelo!

So I guess this means that I have to write about the same emotions on his page? Well, that's what I am gonna do....... so here it goes.

Last time I was angry: I had a friend call me the other night asking if I could come and pick them up from a bar because they had had to much to drink. I arrived at the bar and waited for about an hour, they were not there. I was pretty P.O.ed!

Last time I was sad: I have been missing my family alot latley, I can't wait to see my little brother when he gets back!

Last time I was frustrated: I have been really frustrated for the past couple of days because kristens car is not working, so I have been carting her around everywhere, it really sucks. I can't wait for her car to get fixed, I hope it's not too expensive!

Last time I was depressed: I have an ongoing fight against depression, most people get the winter blues, not me, I get depressed in the summer because work slows down and I am always broke. Nothing an increase in medication can't fix.

Last time I was happy: I was pretty happy on my birthday! I had a great time. But the last time I was really happy for an extended period of time was spending time in Saipan with Angelo. I just wish we could have been there for other reasons.

Last time I was exhausted: I went running about a month ago, and just over did it. I had a headache and was throwing up for like three hours after I was done. Yea thats why the last time I went running was a month ago. I'm getting fat! O.k. fatter! I'm depressed......

Last time I was afraid: I don't really know, my medication keeps me pretty mellow, it's great!

Last time I was surprised: I'm not really sure about this one either. I think this also has to do with the medication.

So, there you go. My top eight emotions, hope you feel so much closer to me now!

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Winter Park Fords said...

At least you didn't fall for Angelo saying EJ was pregant! Love you, miss you. See you in 25 days! Love, Mom