Monday, May 21, 2007

My new place....

So this is where I live, in The Fountains of Waterford Lakes. People keep asking me how they look, so here is my apartment!

The one in the middle is mine, Second floor.
This is my kitchen, the rest of the apartment is not ready to be shown.
This is the pool next to my apartment.
I took the picture of my apartment from this playground. Tiana loves it!

We have a volleyball court!

BBQ pits

Our wieght room has TWO flat screen tv's!

And the main pool has a big rock you can jump off of! I dubbed the rock Taga Rock!

So there it is, my new place. I hoped you liked it, you are all invited to stay with me whenever you want, I have a guest room with its own bathroom, I'm very EXCITED! ( I've never had a guest room.)


the p.i.c. said...

Do yourself a favor and don't advertise your apartment number on your blog.

Taga man said...

What address?