Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Otters, turtles, and crocagators.........OH MY!

We all woke up bright and early, excited that we would be spending the day out on the river. T got to school right on time, and then we had one stop, Publix, for sandwiches and snacks, and then off to Kings Landing, out by Apopka. Kings Landing is a dock where people go to lauch canoes from, if you have your own it is like 5 dollars to rent one from them is 30. The river that you lauch from, takes you on an eight mile run down the wekiva, it is one of my faviorite things to do in orlando. I have been going on this run since I was in middle school, when my mother would take me. I had some of my best childhood memories on those trips! (Thanx Mom!) To our horror, when we arrived it was closed! I was so pissed! However, we planned to have a day in the sun and thats what we were gonna do! So instead of going home mad, we went to the Wekiva Springs State Park, and rented a double cayak(sp?). I was so much fun! Here are some pics......

Me and Kristen before getting on the water
Baby Crocagator

just chillin

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one of three otters

Bird Hunter

some type of crane(?)

After about three hours we decieded to call it a day, and we headed back home. Kristen went to work, I picked up T and went to the the gym. After the gym T went swimming at the apartment, and I have been messing around with this thing for the last couple of hours.


Saipan Chamoale said...

My guess would be great blue heron. I think King's Landing has been closed for a few years now.

the p.i.c. said...

I see that you are playing with your template. Fun, huh?